John Dodd

John Dodd has a broad knowledge of government and industry practices in e-government and enterprise architecture. John leads the Health Care Quality Information System as the Chief Architect and is the partner for the Computer Sciences Corporation's (CSC) Healthcare Service Transformation Practice that supports not only the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), but also federal Health and Human Services (HHS), state-level health agencies and the Military Health and Veterans Administration integration. He has created an overall design approach that began with the Medicaid IT Architecture and extends to a service-oriented enterprise that combines business architecture with new Business Process-Human Task Flows and Rules Management, as well as new data integration and interoperability technology combined with an "ensemble of shared services." The approach is used by all state Medicaid programs; John worked closely with the North Carolina and Maryland programs. He has defined a series of "Platform as Services" offerings to address the common needs of the healthcare focused enterprise.