"It goes without saying that the delivery of health care is highly dependent upon the accumulation, storage and retrieval of information pertinent to the patient. BDC HealthIT provides a viable, cost-effective and collaborative way to address the current situation, designed by BDC-HealthIT, whose result will be more comprehensive, better health care for, initially, veterans, Medicaid recipients and those suffering from chronic illnesses."

---John C. Dodd, President & Founder of BDC HealthIT

Our Story

BDC HealthIT was founded in 2009 and has evolved to have three focus areas: Strategic Consulting to Government Contractors on IT design solutions; Systems Engineering Services, and supporting LifePulse360 Care Coordination Platform, a proprietary cloud services, portal suite designed as a patient-oriented system for information gathering and storage, but also a new, user-friendly way for the retrieval of the information. BDC-HealthIT solution exploits and extends smart agent-based software, creating a layer of personalized portals, coordination messages and adaptable workflows that puts control into each patient's hands in addition to extending valuable, personalization management tools for coordinators and providers.

Our Mission

Every patient-consumer has different needs that are driven by their stage of life and the problems and challenges they face. Their issues are not only health-related. Human services like housing, training, employment and support from the community are also needed. Scattered human services such as these must be localized, coordinated and eliminate confusion and complexity to the patient-consumer. BDC HealthIT's mission is to accomplish this goal by using both smart technology and a process where coordination and collaboration can foster. Creating a new layer of technologythat is a platform where change and integration can foster.

Our Vision

BDC HealthIT has viewed the challenges from the patient-consumer perspective and based on decades of expertise is in development of a technology to address the changes needed. Our patented, LifePulse360 techonolgy, is a platform of personalized portals utilizing agent-based software and Amazon AWS Cloud Services to create a new environment. LifePluse will solve the challenges of the most vulnerable patient-consumer population and create efficiency, improved medical compliance and foster patient-consumer self- management with tools and resources that are only a few (portal) clicks away.