Existing systems are rigid, difficult to maintain and do not create the type of community focus that the innovative next generation of health and human services require. Our team has decades of combined experience and expertise with Enterprise Architecture consulting on design services for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the complex health systems at the Veterans Administration. We have also helped many smaller practices that need cost effective solutions for healthcare info management. An agile, interaction first design and planning approach consists of the following elements.

Define Strategic Goals and Assessment: defining gaps and actions based on priorities

Design a Health and Human Services Platform and Community Ecosystem

Leverage our own LifePulse360 and Ecosystem and the Transformation Roadmap to define key principles and practices

Develop a Transformation Roadmap with Value-Outcomes and dashboard using an integrated analytics approach

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HealthCare IT Transformation


This book gives examples from healthcare institutions that are using IT automation and innovation to drive change and provides guidance on the strategic direction of HIT over the next five years. Improving the delivery of healthcare through HIT is vital for both the economic success of healthcare organizations and the care of the patient, but most EMR systems do not have an integrated and architected approach. This book provides a detailed approach on how to leverage IT for transformation. It also shows how to build upon the experiences of other industries and helps foster innovation by providing a vision of where technology can be an enabler.

- Book Review by Blue Heron Journal -
So lets take a look at this newest healthcare IT offering for author John Dodd's perspective, albeit one that looks beyond processes to the implications of governmental healthcare solutions. We're wanting more examples of excellent implementations, which Dodd gives us in detail, along with his perspective on the strategic direction of HIT over the next five years.
...Readers will also pause to consider Figure 12.2. "Waves of Change" and Figure 12.1 in which Dodd pictures the politics of change and resistance. Healthcare IT advocates will do well to review his perspective and guidance on how to survive the coming storm.

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