Three Paths to a Platform for Care Coordination and Affordable Health Consulting and Analysis Support

LifePulse360 is a personalized care coordination platform that is focused on connecting patient-consumers through care coordinators to both health and human services and community services. LifePulse360 is tailored for each population type, fit within the neighborhoods, with the state innovation efforts that address the multiple concerns that face the high risk and vulnerable people.

National and Transformation Support for Veterans

LifePulse360 provides national and transformation support for veterans by creating a veterans support community environment that supports patient-caregivers in their care management, while offering local management of choices with options of care.

Care Coordination Platform for Communities that Care

LifePulse360 provides a holistic concern-driven approach with integrated services and information. Our care coordination platform for communities that care, helps address challenges such as opioid addiction reform and homelessness that work at the county, city or community level and partnership programs between neighboring community health centers and behavioral health centers.

4th Level Platform for Accountable Care Organizations

LifePulse 360 provides a smart 4th level platform for accountable care organizations with an adaptable set of services for population focused selection, risk and concern-based treatment, engagement of the patient-caregivers, agents that remind, alert, recommend and support information and service integration